A simple way to get started is by sending fact to Pep on a direct message. It will guide you from there and you will be on your way to earning more points and badges. Pep, based on your activity also keeps sending you tips that help you know more getting more points, so keep a lookout on those. Here are all the ways one can earn more points and badges:

  • Respond to all the feedback surveys done by Pep. These surveys could either be initiated by Pep or your co-workers via Pep. You also get points if your workers respond to surveys created by you. Type peer feedback to create one.
  • Share interesting facts about yourself. Type fact to share facts.
  • Play quizzes - Pep will quiz you on how well you know your co-workers. Type quiz to play a quiz.
  • Recognise others - You get points for recognising your coworkers on public channels. Pep detects messages like '@John great work with the bug fix!''kudos to @Johanna for the new design''well done with the fire dousing @Margaret & team'.  
  • Get recognised : Basically do great work so your peers recognise you, you should be earning points regularly. For this you are encouraged to share and highlight your wins on the public channel so that your co-workers can recognise you.

If you ever feel you lost out on some points you should have gotten or the leaderboard is in error, please write to us immediately on hey@pep.ai and we'll look at it immediately.