All said and done, Pep is there to make things fun and nothing makes fun better than a little competitive spirit. 

You can ask Pep for the team standings by messaging it on the public channel things like 

@pep show us the leaderboard

@pep rankings please

@pep points please

Pep will display the top 10 people in the team along with their points and badges. 

To know the details of your points and badges, you can direct message Pep profile and it will show you your earned points and badges. 

As you keep earning points, Pep will keep alerting you about the available badges you are closing in on. Based on your activities it will also give you tips on how to going about earning more points. Look out for messages like 

Tip: You can play 5 quizzes everyday (3 in one hour) and earn a maximum of 50 points everyday!