We've talked about the role of recognition in creating an engaged workplace in our blog in some detail. One of the most important job that Pep has, is being super alert on the public channels for detecting comments made by people on other people's efforts. Using state of the art machine learning, It automatically understands prospective recognitions and highlights them. 

There are some bots that focus on recording recognitions but they need you to structure your comments with the use of specific words like kudos or props, Pep employs natural language processing to understand the underlying positive nature of the comments being made. 

In addition to recognising the common props to @someone for bringing down the CPC and kudos @someone for fixing issue #E245, Pep also understands things like

Stupendous effort in bringing down the CPC peeps!

Good work in fixing issue #E245.

As you can notice you don't even have to include the person to whom the recognition is directed. Pep on detecting a positive comment, will confirm it with you on a direct message separately. Like other things, Pep awards people who give and receive recognitions. You get  2 points for recognising and 20 points whenever someone recognises you on the public channel. There are also several recognition related badges to collect. Pep will keep you posted about them as you progress on the leaderboard.