Feedback, they say is the breakfast of champions and just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, taking and giving feedback should be a key part of ones daily work life. In most organisations feedback goes downward (or upward via an annual 360 degree) while the most important kind of feedback, the ones from the people you work with everyday, sort of gets left behind. Pep takes care of this by bringing feedback to right inside slack. 

It literally takes 10 seconds to create a quick feedback and send it to your peers. By sending a DM peer feedback to Pep, you will create a feedback question. Just follow the instructions given by Pep and you will start receiving responses instantly. All feedback collected by Pep is anonymous. If you DM it pf summary, Pep will give you the summary of all your feedback responses over the last seven days.

To keep things fun, Pep awards you 3 points for every feedback response you get. There are also badges to collect so keep taking feedback, not only does it help you get a vibe of what people feel about you, it also keeps you on the leaderboard.