Making sure you really know your peers closely is one of the most important objectives of Pep. It does so by collecting interesting facts about you and then using these facts to quiz your peers about you. On joining your team, Pep will send direct messages to the team members, asking each of them some quick questions quirky questions about them. These questions are not very personal and not linked to skill set or professional life in any way. Some of the questions Pep asks usually are 

What is the one thing you cook best?

After it collects a few facts about you. It quizzes your peers about you by converting these facts into quizzes like 

What is the one thing that Eugene cooks best?

While Pep pings you regularly to collect facts and quiz you, you can also ping Pep to play a quiz or tell a fact whenever you're free. Just say fact to tell it a fact and quiz on a direct message to Pep and it will quiz you on one of your peers. To keep things interesting and competitive, Pep awards you 1 point for every fact you share with it and 10 points for every quiz you answer correctly. Pep also awards badges when you hit certain milestones. 

You can check your earned points and badges by typing profile on a DM to Pep. Read more about points and badges here.