Simply put, Pep is a smart Slack bot that brings in a much needed fun element to your daily work life. Pep does so by driving, encouraging and rewarding behaviours that help create highly engaged teams. 

Key elements of Pep are described below. 

  • Know your peers - People who are friends outside work make for the best kind of teammates. Pep can't force people to be friends but it can help you know your peers better. Pep asks fun little questions from you everyday and uses the information it collects to quiz your peers about you. 
  • Instant Feedback - With Pep you can do a peer feedback in a snap. Just set up a quick question and send it to whoever you want it to. Pep will collate the results and keep you updated.
  • Recognise efforts - Unlike other bots that need the conversations to be adapted to a structure to record recognitions, Pep actually listens and understands conversations on the channel. It detects positive comments around work and archives and highlights them as recognitions. 
  • Leaderboard - Pep awards points and badges to people. It has over 50 badges to give and maintains a leaderboard of your team. It also keeps a tab on your team's daily, weekly and overall activity.

Like what Pep does? Get started by adding Pep to your team. Read more about installing Pep at 
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