Getting started with Pep is super easy. You need to have Admin privileges to add Pep to your team.

If you don't have administrator privilege, you can request someone who does. An administrator can give admin access to other team member by going to Team Members section of their team and clicking Make an Admin

Once you have the admin access, just head to and hit the Add to Slack button. You will be asked to authorise with Slack to add the Pep bot to your team. You must have admin access to your slack's team to add integrations. When you see the Happy Slacking! dialog on our site, you're all set. You can now expect to get a direct message from Pep, asking you to invite it to the #general channel. Pep works best in large teams so invite it to the channel you have the most people in. 

On getting invited to the #general channel, Pep introduces itself on the channel and also sends a direct message to everyone present, beginning the process of making your workplace fun.